When will Season 6 of The Blacklist be on Netflix?

the blacklist

The Blacklist is back once again for its sixth season on NBC and will eventually come to Netflix in the United States in 2019. Here’s a look at the next season, when it’ll be on Netflix plus take a look at whether it could leave Netflix and what’s going on with season 7.

As you may remember, Netflix famously picked up The Blacklist for a record amount of money…and it is one of our top crime series on Netflix.

It’s on what’s called a “legacy contract” whereby so long as NBC keeps producing new seasons, they’ll keep coming to Netflix.

What to expect from season 6?

At the end of season 5, we only needed one storyline to be wrapped up. Who is the imposter? All should be revealed in season 6. Red has been a man of mystery since the very beginning but last season took the biscuit.

Once again, we’re expecting 22 episodes to be in season 6. Most importantly, there are no rumors that the show will be coming to an end with season 6.

When does season 6 of The Blacklist start on NBC?

As you may know, season 6 has actually slipped from its usual release schedule on NBC. Traditionally, the previous seasons have always aired on NBC in either September or October wrapping up in May.

This year, season 6 has been delayed to start releasing new episodes come January 2019. There’s no given reason as to the delay but it’s likely to do with reclaiming some of its lost viewers. The series fell to an all-time low with season 5 averaging 8.41 million.

When will season 6 of The Blacklist be on Netflix?

If you’re not watching the show live on NBC or using its applications to catch up weekly, you’ll need Netflix to binge-watch the show.

NBC renews its content on an annual basis on Netflix. For the past several years, new seasons have always arrived on Netflix in September. We’re once again expecting the same this year meaning that season 6 will be on Netflix by September 2019. We don’t think that its delay on NBC will affect its Netflix release.

Will The Blacklist leave Netflix?

It’s unlikely. You may recall Netflix paid a lot of money for The Blacklist to stream on Netflix and that includes ongoing rights to the show. That means it’s likely going to continue to come to Netflix so long as they keep making new seasons.

There you have it, that’s when you’ll be streaming season 6 of The Blacklist on Netflix. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be watching live or through Netflix.

Also looking ahead, season 7 of The Blacklist is going ahead so we’ll be back once season 6 hits Netflix to give you a guide on when season 7 will head to Netflix too.


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