Arrow is back for season 7 on The CW and will be coming to Netflix in multiple regions in 2019.

Here’s the full release schedule for season 7 on Netflix plus we’ll touch on the announcement of season 8 of Arrow too.

Arrow was the very first of The CW’s DC heroes to air on their network all the way back in 2012.

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It helped pave the way for the future releases of other popular programs such as The Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and the upcoming Batwoman.

What to expect in Season 7 of Arrow

Oliver, having been backed into a corner, was forced to reveal his identity as the Green Arrow. Now in Slabside Maximum Security prison for his crime of being a vigilante, Oliver has never been more vulnerable. Coming face to face with old adversaries he put behind bars Oliver must learn to survive once again.

Having seen the death of her doppelganger Father Mayor Lance, Laurel Lance becomes the new District Attorney of Star City. She hopes to find Diaz and bring him to justice after he was able to escape capture after killing Quentin.

Episode 12 will see Arrow hit the 150-mark for the number of episodes released and by the end of the season there will be a total of 161 episodes aired!

Arrow Season 7 Netflix US Release Date

Like its other CW counterparts, Arrow is a part of the contract that allows Netflix to stream the show soon after the season has concluded.

Prior to 2016, this wasn’t the case and season releases came just before the next season would air which was usually in October.

Instead, Netflix and The CW adds new shows roughly a week after they conclude. Season 7 is currently set to conclude on The CW on May 13th, 2019. That means we can expect Netflix to get the series towards the end of May 2019.

Arrow Season 7 Release Dates For Other Netflix Regions

There are plenty of regions that are streaming Arrow outside of the US.

For those in the United Kingdom, the television network Sky has the exclusive rights to stream the DCU content. You’ll only find the new season streaming on Now TV and Sky Go.

Some regions receive episodes weekly, the following regions receive episodes weekly;


Other regions will have a long wait as most are still yet to receive season 4. The regions waiting for further seasons are the following:

Argentina (Season 6)
Australia (Season 6)
Brazil (Season 6)
Hong Kong (Season 6)
India (Season 6)
Israel (Season 6)
Mexico (Season 6)
Romania (Season 6)
Singapore (Season 6)
South Korea (Season 6)
Spain (Season 6)
Sweden (Season 6)
Thailand (Season 6)
US (Season 6)
Czech Republic (Season 5)
Germany (Season 5)
Hungary (Season 5)
Japan (Season 5)
Poland (Season 5)
Russia (Season 5)
Slovakia (Season 5)
Greece (Season 4)
Lithuania (Season 4)

Just before we go, you may have heard that season 8 of Arrow is currently set to be the final season. This shouldn’t change any of its Netflix arrangements.


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